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Uncategorized mentioned: On the basis of the original market, we will make GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract that is more user-friendly and easier to understand. So, it was launched in the end of August. The newly launched GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract adopts a decentralized model to carry out investment anytime and anywhere. There is no requirement for the venue, which reduces the cumbersome transaction process of traditional platform inspections. At the same time, a mature compensation mechanism was introduced, and orders were placed during the time period of the compensation field, and the loss-making platform was compensated for the loss in seconds. At that time, real-time transaction data will be made public, fair and transparent, and there will be no human manipulation in GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract. Funds usdt are free to enter and exit, and they can be released at any time with the capital and profit, which is truly under the control of the user.

The global digital asset exchange platform recently announced that it will launch a new blockchain asset virtual futures product, which will be officially launched in the GUSDT / USDT / BTC / ETH trading zone at the end of August. This product is a brand new trading product redesigned by the GIBXChange team based on the current industry environment and market demand of GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract.

The stable currency USDT is used as the settlement currency for investment, and the risk control system based on the market’s fair price’s strong liquidation and reduction of risk, avoids risks caused by abnormal price fluctuations, and realizes real-time settlement of funds to avoid income uncertainty caused by apportionment; supports perpetual contracts and a variety of time-limited contracts, fully meet the diversified needs of the market in GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract.

As an ordinary investor, why choose foreign exchange and precious metals market trading in GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract?

This is because the foreign exchange and precious metals markets have many trading options and high market transparency. Flexible trading hours are a financial blue ocean for investors!

With the mission and belief of allowing digital banks to benefit the world, has established unique clearing data centers in Australia, Singapore, the United States, New Zealand and Japan to connect to the global backbone network and provide the best liquidity solutions in the financial market with GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract.

At present, GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract has covered 20+ countries and 50+ resource institutions in close cooperation with high-quality buyers and sellers around the world. It has close cooperation with more than 50 mining pools/foundations/investment institutions in more than 20 countries around the world to provide bulk matching and custody for otc price. 

And its world’s first foreign exchange hedge fund under the DEFI decentralized financial concept model from GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract, providing foreign exchange, futures, currency, digital currency and other 200+K trading products, allowing customers to invest in as many types of financial products as possible through one account, truly achieve one-click investment in the world.

GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract is safe and stable. It adopts the newly upgraded core technology of the seventh-generation transaction engine system to ensure the safety, stability and smoothness of financial transactions, and is fast and efficient. Users can deposit coins at any time (7*24 hours). And users point-to-point transactions, the price is right and the transaction is completed, which is the user’s market transaction and seize the opportunity!

At the same time, GIBXchange has complete functions, covering all trading terminals: Web, Android, and iOS. Excellent trading experience covers the trading habits of different users. GIBXchange continues to lead the development of the industry with reliable market data, advanced decision-making tools, advanced order execution software, and customer support that understands the needs of traders such as GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract.

In addition, GIBX has also developed embedded DeFi technology and immutable smart contract features for investment and has become a strategic partner with partners with huge global strength and the world’s top mobile suppliers. Moreover, all the trading and profit records of’s trading team are at a glance!

To promote the bull market, GIBXchange-DEX will play an increasingly important role with GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract. The expansion of product diversification will not only allow GIBXchange to be further improved in terms of security, transaction, interoperability, etc., but also benefit the ecological construction of DeFi. The popularity of DeFi this year is naturally due to the presence of GIBXchange. Considering that most traders have technical difficulties in participating in DeFi, GIBXchange proactively reached out to help and leverage its own advantages to allow more users to participate in the DeFi wave with GIBX OC Crypto Option Contract.

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